SE Pyrography Kit
SE Pyrography Kit $199.95
The Razertip SE Kit was created to offer beginners the Razertip basics and some in depth information, all in one shot, at a packaged price. We are very proud to present this new SE Model kit with our new book “The Razertip Pyro Studio Guide to Burning”.   With over 100 pages of information, techniques, projects, reference and patterns this book it meant to inspire. Included in the kit: New Special Edition Power Supply (similar to the SK). Full Color Pyrography How To Handbook "The Razertip Pyro Studio Guide to Burning." With over 100 pages of info, techniques, projects, reference and patterns etc. BPH Interchangeable Tip Pen 6 different burning tips Screwdriver for changing tips Removable Pen Cord Tip Cleaning Brass Brush Specifications: 10 amp output provides the fastest tip-heat recovery in the industry ideal wide-range temperature control: won’t scorch wood at "1" through to "red-hot" at 10 indexed handpiece indicator lights can help confirm proper pen and cord operation ultra-stable control circuitry for consistent burns even when turned on-and-off-and-on again removeable and reversible handpiece cords allow use of extra-flex or heavy-duty cord laser-welding technology unconditional warranty covers everything (and we mean everything!) for 3 years on the power supply and one year on all handpieces including fixed tips. Even if you drop your pen and break the tip - it’s covered!    120 Volts AC, 60Hz. Safety certified for Canada and the United States.
Razaire Mini - X60 Smoke Extractor
Razaire Mini - X60 Smoke Extractor $89.95
Keep your pyrography workspace fresh and clear of smoke with the Razaire™ MINI - X60 Smoke Extractor. With multi-stage carbon filtration and a versatile design the Razaire™ MINI works in most settings and with any project. The soft Hood Grip allows the Razaire™ MINI to be used on top of your project to ensure maximum smoke capture and filtration. The unit can still be used as a fan to draw air away from your burning surface even if the filters are removed or no longer effective. You can increase the filtering efficiency of the Razaire™ MINI by adding one or more Primary Filter Expansion Kits (# XF200). Sold separately. Each kit includes an Expansion Frame and a new Primary Filter. Multi-Stage Carbon Filtration 2-Speed Operation Replaceable Filters Filter stages can be added with the Expansion Kit Can be used vertically or horizontally Mount to a compatible support for more flexibility Clear Hood can be removed for versatility Removable soft rubber Hood Grip Warranty: 3 Years Size: 5" x 5" x 6" (13 cm x 13 cm x 15 cm) Weight: 15.2 oz / 430 g
Tower Mount System TWR-1
Tower Mount System TWR-1 $89.95
The Tower Mount System TWR-1 is an out of the box solution to get the Razaire Mini - X60 Smoke Extractor airborne. Rigid telescoping tower extends to 20" 20" articulating arm with single knob control Durable silicone cushions Cable Clips (2) Adjustable table clamp fits surfaces 1/2" - 3" thickness
SL3 Burner, Pyrography Starter Kit
SL3 Burner, Pyrography Starter Kit $420.75
The Razertip SL3 pyrography starter kit contains the most useful pens/tips/cords for pyrographers.This package consists of:1 SL3 burner (power supply).3 #CORD1HD Heavy Duty Cord.1 #CLEANER Tip Cleaner.1 #F14M Medium Knife Standard Pen.1 #F2S Small Round Standard Pen.1 #F99.015 1/16" Ball Standard Pen.1 #HD30M Heavy Duty Medium Shader Pen.
Razertip Tip Cleaner/Scraper
Razertip Tip Cleaner/Scraper $12.75
This ingenious tool removes carbon buildup from most sharp Razertip® tips quickly and easily. Prolongs tip life (compared to using abrasives). One hand operation; works without turning off power. New design includes a flip-away blade cover for safety.   For tips that can be difficult to scrape (scale tips, Feather Formers™, ball tips), use a dense brass brush.   Note: We suggest that you never use abrasives to clean burner tips. Abrasives wear your tip out and will cause it to carbon up quicker than if you scraped it. We realize that some manufacturers advocate abrasives to clean tips. Either they do not know about scraping or they have other motives (i.e. selling you more tips). Scraping works best!
Razertip Brass Brush
Razertip Brass Brush $6.18
This dense brass brush is essential for keeping BPH interchangeable tip pens clean. Regular cleaning and removal of carbon build up on the screw plates, screws and tip legs will ensure a good connection and consistent performance. Also great for cleaning any Razertip tips, especially Ball Tips, Flat Shaders, Scale Tips and Feather Formers™. The dense brass bristles remove debris quickly and easily without scratching or dulling tips edges and surfaces.
Sienna Wood Premium Burn Paper 9 - 4
Sienna Wood Premium Burn Paper 9 - 4"x6" Sheets $9.95
9 - 4"x6" sheets of Sienna Wood Premium Burn Paper for pyrography artists. Use to make bookmarks, ornaments, gift cards, post cards or any other easy to frame projects. Considerations for best results:• Clean tips frequently to prevent ash buildup.• Because paper absorbs more heat than wood try higher heat settings and/or slower movements.