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Burn-through Transfer Paper

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Create stunning woodburning designs with the help of Razertip's Pyro Studio burn-through transfer paper. Our top-quality transfer paper is specifically crafted to transfer intricate patterns onto your work surface with ease. Whether you're a pyrographic enthusiast or just starting out with woodburning, our paper will help you bring your designs to life without any smudging or errors. Spice up your projects and take them to the next level with Razertip's Pyro Studio burn-through transfer paper.

Available in 15 sheet and 100 sheet packages – 8.5" x 11".

Easy to use:

  • Trace, draw or print your pattern onto Transfer Paper
  • Compatible with both inkjet and laser printers.
  • Cut out the pattern as required.
  • Tape Transfer Paper to your work surface with masking tape.
  • Burn through the Transfer Paper (variable temperature pyro-burning tool at low heat setting is recommended).
  • Remove the pattern and continue with shading or detail as desired.


  • To get the most from each sheet, print or copy a full sheet of patterns, or multiple patterns before cutting patterns out. Scraps can be saved for tracing.
  • If you're working on a round surface, cut the pattern into sections or create small slits along pattern edges so the pattern conforms to your surface.
  • Locate the masking tape in places where you won’t be burning through it.
  • Don't burn too dark at first - you can darken the initial burn later.