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Feather Formers - Extra-Coarse Pen Set

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Set of 4 Feather Former fixed-tip heavy-duty pens - Extra-Coarse set (~40 lines/inch). Suitable for very large birds or very coarse detail.
Includes: HD52.12XC Round; HD55.10XC Spear; HD56.10XC Chisel; HD57.10XC Round-ended skew.

Imagine texturing a bird carving in minutes instead of hours! Razertip Feather Formers™ let you define a feather and burn the barb texture in seconds.

Not only are feather formers faster to burn with, but painting a "Feather-Formed" surface is easier because the texture is not too deep. You can easily paint accent marks at angles to the main texture, creating a very soft, natural look. Once your bird has been textured with Feather Formers™ you can come back with you regular pens to create stray barbs or splits as desired, or you can continue on with stoning techniques. The possibilities are endless.

Available as: Heavy duty pen and heavy duty tip only.

Razertip's brass brush is perfect for cleaning these tips.